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We offer to help our customers achieve the design outcome they desire. 

Bon Vivant creates custom interior designs for your home. Whether it's in your living room, bedroom, or even your outdoor lounge.
Every one of our craftsmen and craftswomen has an eye for detail and will create an object you'll love. As well as styling with exclusive objects and usable art, we do custom furniture and decor.


We offer personalized home decor items made for you by professional artisans.


  • You share your ideas

  • From idea to design: We make your ideas come to life

  • Our highly skilled professional artisans create your product.

We offer different services:

  • Custom-made interior items

  • Interior advice for 1 room

  • Interior advice for 2 rooms

  • Interior advice for the entire house

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities and costs, there's no cost or obligation for the first consultation.

Consultancy fees will be negotiated after approval, based on your needs.


The next step will allow our creativity to get going.

A mood board, picking colors, and choosing the right products and materials are all part of it.


Finally, the delivery at your home, and possible interior advice. 

Every home and every person is unique

Our design celebrates the beauty of our surroundings so that you can transform your daily life.

Developing and curating this collection together has been a labor of love, and everything in it is meant to inspire.

The fact that you're here suggests that you also believe that great design improves life.

Our stylish interior solutions cover a wide range of design aesthetics.

Our mission is to achieve every customer's aspiration, no matter the building's heritage or characteristics, or the owner's personal style and tastes.

A sense of home 


If you need interior advice, we can help you to create a floor plan. We can provide you with a better consultation if we have a better understanding of each other. 


For this reason, we ask that you prepare for our appointment and gather all the information that will be useful (photos, a floor plan, room dimensions, mood boards, you name it!).

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