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Do you have a hard time furnishing your home?

Is there an area of your home furnishings that frustrates you? You may have difficulty choosing the right color for your home, or you may be unsure of how your home should be laid out.

Whether you need simple advice or help with a home furnishing frustration, help with choosing the right colors and materials to create your own style, or a fitting light plan for your room, if you have a question about interior design, we may be able to assist you.

We can provide you with a:


  • Moodboard

    In order to convey the cohesiveness of a scheme to you, we curate, visualize, and present a mood board.
    The use of a mood board can provide you with focus, and confidence, and can even assist you in managing your decorating budget.


  • Floor plan sketch

    A floor plan is a drawing depicting the relationship between rooms, spaces, and physical features viewed from the top. They provide a visual representation of how people will move through the space.

  • Light plan

    Home is a place where you enjoy reading, eating, relaxing, or using your computer. There are times when both occur at the same time. In order to ensure the correct lighting for your activity, we can offer advice.


  • Color plan

    It is the right combination of beautiful colors and the right materials that determine the ambiance of a room and makes it feel like your own.

  • Furniture collage

    Developing a furniture collage begins with setting expectations for how you intend to use the room and what features, architectural or otherwise, you would like to emphasize. We help you with laying out your interior and choosing the right furniture.

  • Product list

    A list concerning:
    - Furniture  

    - Decor Accessories
    - Art  
    - Interior Surfaces

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